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fighting fire w fire 2k14


Anyway, queer superiority 2014

I DONT HATE CIS PEOPLE I JUST THINK MY OPINIONS AND MY FEELINGS ARE VALID AND IF I WANT TO HURT A COUPLE OF FEELINGS IM DAMN WELL ALLOWED TO? actually no. you can have all the opinions you like, but hurting feelings is wrong. hurting anyone is wrong. you can't make it right just because you're 'more oppressed' hurting is still wrong. even though you're hurt. hurting is still wrong. You can be wrong if you want, you're even "allowed" to be wrong but you're still wrong. sorry.

im sorry i hurt ur feelings just kidding lmfao

i never said i was more oppressed lmfao im probably not

"you do not get to define my therapy," nope but if your therapy involves publically posting hateful statements, don't forget, IT'S THE MOTHERFUCKING INTERNET. people will see it. if your "therapy" requires nobody having a differing opinion, don't post it where everyone can see it and get all butthurt when someone doesn't agree with you. again. tumblr is not your safe space, find somewhere else.

im butthurt ouch

"stop saying equality as if one fucking joke or one mean word is putting cis people beneath trans people, because that will not fucking happen in my or your life time, this is not a fucking seesaw ride ok?" you're right! it ISN'T a seesaw! your hate doesn't make that hate against you "balance out" it's just hate.


"why do i have to get a fucking personal diary, when i have opinions JUST as valid and JUST as important as every cis persons?" welcome to the internet, dahling. if you post it, people will read it and have their own opinion about it. don't want that? keep it to yourself. tumblr is not your "safe place" it just isn't. find another one.


" because if i dont speak out “tranny” jokes will still crop up in movies in 2014," do please tell me how your blog is directly affecting hollywood. because this would totally justify your hate filled diatribe.

laughing out loud

I DONT HATE CIS PEOPLE I JUST THINK MY OPINIONS AND MY FEELINGS ARE VALID AND IF I WANT TO HURT A COUPLE OF FEELINGS IM DAMN WELL ALLOWED TO?? like the mentality that “if u make jokes about us u cant get mad if we make jokes about u” but like my father has been making chick w dick jokes his whole life, and i take it every god damn day because i have to because my jokes arent in the media, my jokes arent getting told in the main stream, tumblr DOESNT fucking matter as much as you want to think it does. log off this computer and i can no longer hurt you, but its not true for trans kids like hwO can you not understand this? and the whole fucking “white/straight/cis people still get murdered” thing is such a fallacy like of COURSE they do, but not for being white/straight/cis, like OH MY GOD why am i explaining myself i shouldnt have to!! UGHU!!!!!!!!