trans people are the most important people dont agree too bad i dont care bye

thank you. really.

keep chuggin buddy. its hard but i swear it can be worth it sometimes.

this + plus a few other events that have happened today have given me a really pessimistic view of people and the world and just everything out there. sorry for this deep ass question, but what keeps you going? like, what makes you want to wake up every morning and keep going forward?

specific events in time, optimism, hope in something bigger and better, and this burning in my gut that reminds me its not time to give up yet. i keep going half because i know i have to and half because i want to, im fighting, im trying.

you cant end hate with hate give me a fucking break 


u thought

vid of me right now re: everything thats happening

you can't end hate with hate

i dont give a shit dude im not HATING im Joking around

tbh i can make as many cis jokes as i want and it wont do jack squat bc it aint hate because i have like 500 cis friends and they love my trans ass and they know im funny and cute as hell and it dont matter!!! 

stop saying im hating bc im not tbh

this whole fucking “constantly policing” ourselves mentality that literally every step we take we have to watch out to make sure we’re not stepping on other people is going to fucking destroy us. yes tons of issues are seriously important but you CANT please everyone and you CANT live constantly policing others and living in fear that youre offending other people stop preaching about this BE NICE TO EVERYONE mentality its toXIC AS FUCK

[clique by kanye plays]