what posters do you have on your wall?


on this wall is blues brothers then like more blues brothers, pete townshend, qt, elton john, then art from my friend meg ( skankplissken ) and a post from pollums i liked, also a bunch of letters and a moonrise kingdom poster


behind me is my diamonds are a girls best friend decal i got for like a dollar and thought was hilarious and now its on my fecking wall forever


over here we have a kanye tweet that was accidentally screenprinted upside down on a tshirt, and a framed elton john album. as well as a sheet that’s tacked to my wall, it was covering my closet door for monster protecting purposes but one side fell down in the middle of the night so im almost 100% positive i have monsters in my closet


and then over here we have ghostbusters, billy joel, more blues brothers and more elton john, the elton john poster also fell down in the dead of night, i suspect (you got it) monsters



I hope people have seen this. I dont even know its origin or anything or hell what to really tag it as but I saw it on facebook via a cosplayer page. Its definitely worth the watch

What the ungodly fuck

the title of your ask? Whose tweet is that from, I totally forgot?

tim heidecker aka the love of my lfie

here a link!

heres a look before bed

heres my non-verbal review of oldboy

reblog if you’re nonbinary and also a god


John Belushi’s memory is still vivid to millions of people, many of whom weren’t even alive at the time that he died. He was one of those rare people so terribly and tremendously famous that his last name alone says it all. Through his humor and his music, he continues to enrich people’s lives with his outrageous sense of fun. In a way, he belongs to the public now, to his fans, and for them he can happily live forever. And I think he would like that.
Judy Belushi Pisano (via everybodyneedsbelushiaykroyd)
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